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Here at Supermix, we have been providing a professional and reliable wedding service for years.

If you are arranging your own wedding sound and lighting you want the reassurance of strong confidence in your provider.

If you are arranging your own wedding sound and lighting you want the reassurance of strong confidence in your provider, knowing that they will not only deliver the equipment but also install and manage that equipment to a very high standard. You want a company that respects your occasion, that wants to make sure it goes off without a hitch and goes that extra mile to provide the best possible service you could expect.


Every Wedding is Different

In order to provide the perfect sound and lighting for your wedding, we will want to discuss the venue, whether you are using it for speeches, live or recorded music, a DJ or a combination.

We are Able to Advise

Whether it’s the correct lighting for the type of mood you are hoping for throughout different parts of your day or the appropriate lighting for the music / entertainment that you have booked.

Let's Talk

We want to provide the perfect setup that exceeds your expectations. Our consultancy process is a two-way exchange where you give us the details of what you are looking for and we provide the technical knowledge to fulfil your needs.

From a Small PA to a Large Multi Marquee Installation.

Regardless of the size of your wedding, we have the installation to suit your needs. From an intimate garden party to a large multi marquee celebration we can provide exactly the right sound and lighting to ensure your wedding’s success.

We provide equipment direct to you or your entertainment or we install and manage throughout your day and evening.


Our experienced, high-quality engineers can meet all expectations in terms of sound clarity and quality and our lighting engineers can program everything from simple mood lighting to breathtaking light shows.

…and of course, everything will be in keeping with your event and will follow the guidelines we have agreed during the initial consultation. 

The Process

It’s very simple. Give us a call on 07818862291, email us on or use the contact form below.

From there we discuss your requirements, the equipment you will need and the type of installation and cost.

Once we agree on the plan for the day we will keep in touch regarding your installation to make sure everything is as we discussed and see if there are any little (or big) changes to make as we move towards the big day. We will agree a delivery and installation time and ensure that sound and lighting is the last thing on your mind!

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Supermix sound & lighting is a hire company based near Glastonbury, Somerset. Browse our range of products online or call us for advice whether you are planning a wedding or a festival.

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