May 1, 2013

Sound Hire

Whatever the occasion, there is often the need for audio amplification – from a simple microphone to a complete sound system.

We can provide solutions for:

▪    Microphones & Radio Microphones

▪    Small PA Systems / Private parties / Weddings

▪    Nightclub P.A. Systems

▪    Large High fidelity Live Performance/ outdoorP.A. Systems / Larger festivals

There are two ways we hire, we offer a ‘’dry hire service’’ this means you collect the equipment & set it up yourself which save’s on install costs, For the more larger sophisticated setups we can provide a crew to set up & run the show.


▪   Complete PA system hire  ( Turbosound TMS 4 / Martin Mach MS 1262 / MS118 )

▪   Monitor speakers hire ( Turbosound Tq 310 & TQ 440, TQ425 & turbosund TXD 12m’s )

▪   Amplifier hire ( MC2 E45, MC2 E25, MC2 750, MC 450 / QSC PL 2 )

▪   DJ equipment hire ( Pioneer CDJ 2000’s/Pioneer CDJ 2000’s Nexus MK2/ Technics 1210’s / Pioneer DJM 900nexus MK2  / Allen & Heath 62 )

▪   Decks stand

▪   Microphones ( Shure SM58, Shure SM57, Shure Beta 57, Shure Beta 52, Shure Beta 58, Shure Beta 91A, Shure PG81, Sennheiser ew 300 g3, sennheiser E604, sennheiser E906 &  AKG D112

▪   Mixer hire (Allen Heath QU / Soundcraft SI compact / Soundcraft SI Impact / Midas H3)

▪   Processor hire (BSS / DBX / XTA)

▪   Van damme Multicore hire

▪   Staging hire

All this is available from our sound & lighting hire premises in Somerset. we will also demo the equipment & show you the best way to use it when you hire from us! somerset’s sound & lighting service. As we expand We are being asked to provide more sound & lighting hire equipment to Bath, bristol, taunton. please contact us for the best hire package deals.


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